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    About Us

    Bakliwal School of Business

    Bakliwal Academy is and online education initiative of Bakliwal Foundation . It is a vision that drives all aspects of online education. We want our students to have the latest trends of online education technologies, so they can learn and earn from any where at any place.

    At Bakliwal Academy, we provide more than the Formal education. we are committed to embedding a culture that promotes a positive sense of belonging to a community and endorses high standards of behavior so that students can achieve worthwhile learning outcomes and realize their potential.

    Our Campus is situated in the heart of the Navi Mumbai. It occupies a State of Art infrastructure which ensures that this journey of enlightenment progresses smoothly for every student.

    Highly qualified, experienced faculty members and scholars from reputed institutions along with industrial and business experts have contributed in preparing schemes of instruction and these meticulously designed programs strives to strengthen the aim to meet the needs of our student with confidence, understanding and the right skills and experiences.

    Our College also emphasis on appropriate standards of discipline, especially in relation to manners, speech and dress. The philosophy of our College ensures that these standards of behavior come about as a result of high levels of self-esteem and self-discipline. The measure of any educational institution lies in its readiness to help students to grow, to develop their talents and to liberate their imagination. Bakliwal Foundation happily accepts this challenge and seeks to create vital and resourceful Youths.